Time to get Zen!


During these sessions we will work through a variety of meditation methods to focus the mind, connect to the breath and calm the nervous system.


Life can have many challenges and meditation is a tool to help you cope. It can be very successful in easing anxiety and stress, managing stress, working through difficult emotions or if you just want to improve your general sense of well-being and peacefulness.


Using different breath work we can tap into the nervous system to bring the body into a state of rest and digest opposed to fight or flight which many of us live our everyday lives in. So by bringing our bodies back into rest and digest we can feel more rested, have better concentration, feel more connected and allow the body to heal as it needs to.


No previous experience is required just an open mind and be willing to give things a go. This is available as 1-1, small group session or the online live 4 week meditation programme may also be of interest to you.