KIRSTy nelson

I am the heart + soul behind Bodyworx Balance. I have been working with bodies since the ripe young age of 17 and have dedicated the last 19 years of my life to health and wellness practises. My extensive training in Dance, Pilates, Personal Training, Barre, Yoga and Meditation has developed my unique teaching style to offer you a mindful and holistic approach to exercise helping you achieve ‘balance’ in your workout schedule.

I help people of all fitness levels and body types from a variety of backgrounds. I teach them how to fall in love with moving and nurturing their bodies and prove that your body does not need to be flogged every day to look and feel your best. With the variety of practises and modalities I provide, you will feel stronger both in mind and body and will feel more confident and empowered in yourself. Be prepared to have A LOT of fun, feel challenged and move in a safe and healthy way.


Unlimited access to exclusive Members Area

More than 500 workouts + classes to do anywhere anytime


Pilates, Barre, Fitness, Stretch, Yoga, Meditation + Tutorials


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Improved physical strength and performance

Improved mental health + boosts of endorphins and happy hormones

Less injuries + pain or discomfort

A range of different styles of workouts in a variety of timeframes so there is always a class to fit into and around your day whether it be 20 mins, 30 mins, 40 mins or an hour!

Feel more confident and empowered in yourself

More resilience for everyday life events through mindfulness and meditation

Feel and look YOUR best!!