Movement +
meditation at work


Busy is a reality,
pausing is a necessity,
stress is a choice

- Unknown

Image by Simone Hutsch


Stress and anxiety are symptomatic of our modern day busy lives.
The pressure to perform in the workplace, meet deadlines, maintain health
and a personal life can take its toll on employees. 

Common side effects include:

- Burnout
-  Lack of focus + concentration
-  More errors + poor decision making skills

~ Fatigue + illness

~ Job dissatisfaction

The good news is, there something we can do about it...


These wellness programs are designed to support and maintain the physical, mental + emotional wellbeing of employees and staff.


Through either individual practices of Yoga, Stretch, Pilates or Meditation or a combination of these, we work on physical health to promote mental health.


This builds physically and mentally strong staff who feel and perform at their best. A healthy by product of this is a sense of community and connection in the workplace.

Mental illness is now the leading cause of sickness absence and long term work incapacity in Australia

– Black Dog Institute, 2020



Reduction in stress + anxiety


Better job satisfaction

Community building activities


Less sickness or absenteeism

Increased focus + concentration


Staff feel more valued and supported


Encourage staff back into the workplace


- A minimum of 4 weeks commitment is required

- Any combination of practices is welcome

- Sessions are accessible to all levels and abilities

- The duration of each session is between 45-60 mins

- Sessions can be delivered face to face and via zoom or combination of both (in the event of lockdowns these will automatically be scheduled to zoom to maintain consistency

Businesses receive an average return on investment of $2.30 for every $1 they invest in effective workplace mental health strategies,
making investing in mental health a win-win situation for employers and employee

– Beyond Blue

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